Newest Colorways Adidas harden b / E 2 Performance Review


The Tilt-to-point point, the line of the line, which seems to have a good catch performance, is probably due to the fact that there is a lot of dust in the field of the field, and there is a small slide in the retreat and horizontal footsteps. So that the start is slow and half-shot.
If it is in clean indoor or dusty outdoor venues, though not excellent, it is believed that there will still be a good catch.


He is one of my very favorite in tech.
For example: Dame 3 with double density
And this pair of adidas harden b / E 2 is slightly thin compared to the 3 HE OF THE DAME 3, but it can feel the slowdown of the he in all kinds of footsteps on the field and the moves after jumping down, though How comfortable or soft, but also enough to cope with all kinds of combat demand, a sense of good use.


The performance of the general catch and the slow-down performance reflects its general reaction, dispelling the problem of the dust of the site, although it is not going to be sloppy, but it is not fast, well…… it is generally.


This pair of Adidas Harden Vol. 2 is using woven uppers plus hot molten membrane pressure to make the whole pair look quite texture and can feel the filling of the inner boot space after the foot is actually thicker than it looks The Bag is comfortable, but it is only for this.


Even if it’s woven uppers bring me nice bag, but the congenital shoe cone is too low, and only 4 holes of laces system, even after tight laces, will feel that it is a pair of “casual shoes” ” in the course of the battle, I also feel afraid of the risk of being sprained from time to time, and let me be a little careful in every move. Fortunately it also has a very large area of anti-Twist Tray that makes its soles more stable in the movement process.


If only in normal condition (ball only) use, the durability of harden b / E 2 can only be said to be general, but if the user is energetic student community, class, shopping, sport… etc , if a shoe is used more, maybe the speed of change will raise a lot.


This pair of harden b / E 2 outside casual, simple look, plus the actual performance of the “Jane match”, all aspects of combat performance are not good, but good-looking, Instant-fighting shoes are more used, maybe adidas gives It’s targeting.
Such a set can’t help me recall the God of the student Adidas harden b / E 2.
However, the more biased harden b / E 2 battle effect is not as much as the gods shoes in the memories, which instead makes me expect that one day adidas will be able to return the memories of the memories.
Suggest everyone, if want to start harden b / E 2 Battle Field, please wear the ankle to avoid the possibility of injury.

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