Adidas D Rose 9 BB7658 Performance Review


The picture looks more delicate and doesn’t have too many complicated designs. Actually getting the hand is slightly bloated, especially from the inside, the black part of the midsole looks too thick, the material is slightly harder on the inside, and the heel is the design of the shark. The bounce shoes seem to be like this. Design may be more conducive to bounce feedback. But the overall is still very good. Some time ago, Adi’s new products were exposed, including McGrady, Wall, and Harden 3. Ross 9 did hold up their face value.

The lining is a bit similar to the feeling of black moon. Look at the other sneakers of Adi’s other black moon colors. I feel that this is the same series of products, and it is used as the first color matching. The color of the shoelace is black and white and the whole shoe upper is very good, and the same is a very thick round lace. The overall upper fabric is mostly made of polyester material, and then with black embroidery horizontal lines, very EQT design feel, the upper material is very soft, feel very comfortable. But it should be relatively tired to take care of, and it is white shoes.

The sole is very dense with a similar texture. It is similar to Kobe AD. The color matching is also quite cool. Sao is finished. The only Rose signature of the sneaker is also placed in the center of the sole. The center uses the same material as the upper. The green color in the mezzanine is the TPU.

Heel, this time the rose symbol is returned to the heel of the shoe again, and it is embroidered with embroidery. A pink rose is very artistic. The entire heel extends to the side of the shoe, which is actually a white suede material, so the three bars on the side span across the two materials. The part that extends outwards is similar to the function of the shoe. It can be worn while wearing the back part, not a chicken rib design.


a:Parcel:The package is a bit polarized. The front 3/1 and the back 3/2 are completely different. The forefoot shoe last is not particularly wide. I am just like my foot. In fact, the design of the Ross 9 package is a bit like the Rose 7. Although it is not the full palm boot, the joint at the lower end of the tongue is moved upwards, and the lace hole is also moved up. The differentiation point is this interface, because the front 3/1 has no lace hole to give the side support fixed, and the upper material is soft, so your foot has a large space in the forefoot, which makes you feel that the forefoot is too wide. . Then 3/2, completely OK, the support package is qualified. Contrast, Kobe AD domestic version of me also passed, the domestic Kobe AD forefoot is definitely wider than Ross.

b.Bradyseism:The whole is hard, but you can experience the bounce bomb, especially the back. It’s definitely not comparable to zoom, and it’s a bit more, but there is more feedback. Forefoot is a bit of Rose’s previous generations, such as Ross 3 and Rose 4. The person who pursues the ultimate cushioning still shouldn’t start. Ross 9 can’t give you this feeling. This is a typical footstep of the flow-breaking signature shoe.

c.Protective:There is a good side and there is a place for improvement. The good thing is that its ankle protection maintains the feeling that Rose 7 gives me. The upper part of the shoelace is tightened, and the ankle is tightly locked inside. It is difficult to make a large fold on the inside or outside. The safety of the ankle is really good when playing. . The TUP of the sole is also very resistant to twisting, so you can’t fold the shoes at all. What needs improvement is that the sneaker upper support may not be enough. Without strengthening the design, the toe cap is very soft, and the thumb can be pushed forward against the upper. If it can be hot-melted on some parts of the upper, the protection is Perfect, in fact, this is similar to the reason of the previous package. It is a pity.

d. Skid:Absolutely practical weapon, the anti-slip effect brought by the dense lines of the sole is excellent. I play a style that is quite partial, and occasionally go inside, and all kinds of actions will be done. The best I slip through the slip is the Branch 10, followed by Kobe AD, and the Ross 9’s non-slip basic is similar to AD.

e.Abradability:Did not practice in various venues, it is not easy to give an evaluation directly. The sole is ADIWEAR, which has been used by Adi for a long time. After reading several online quality evaluations, the sole hardness of each color part of the Ross 9 sole is different, and the outer ring rubber is obviously harder than the inner ring. In the actual two-hour three-hour half, the strength was moderate. There is almost no wear on the soles.

Adidas D Rose 9
Release Date: 07/01/18
Style #: BB7658

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